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I’m updating my Christian poetry page! I already mentioned the latest poetry book that got my attention, The Soul in Paraphrase: A Treasury of Classical Devotional Poemsbut now I get to tell you about even more.

Specifically, I found a website listing 30 poems by the great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther. 🙂

And, in addition to my list of “Theological Poets through the Mid-20th Century,” on my Christian Poetry page, I added a heading for “Lutheran Poetry Books or Related Topics.”

Also, pre-Reformation but well-worth including is Piers Plowman, a 14th-century poem by William Langland, offering “a disturbing and often humorous commentary on corruption and greed,” an “allegorical work [revolving] around the narrator’s quest to live a good life.” “Characters such as Conscience, Fidelity and Charity, alongside Falsehood and Guile,” etc.

It’s totally on my Amazon wishlist now! Exciting times, folks. Imagine: it’s 2018 and we can even find awesome reading from the 14th-century!!

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