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I’ll try not to sell ya’ on too much this season or any other, but I read the December issue of the Lutheran Witness and was really pleased with it. Know a Lutheran who’d like a gift that keeps on giving? The Lutheran Witness and Portals of Prayer aren’t just for church tables in the narthex, you know. 🙂

I was also tickled to see the Lutheran gift ideas included! Yay for Lutheran Witness editor Rachel Bomberger & staff!

Reminds me to update my list of Lutheran stores/crafters/whatever else I got up there. 😀 I think I had most of those vendors and crafters already listed, but it’s always good to double-check.

Speaking of which, though, we’re writers! Let’s remember that the Lutheran Witness posts its themes here. As that webpage says:

Although articles on any topic appropriate to our readership will be considered, we are especially interested in stories that tie into our themes for 2019:



Deadline for queries

January Witness, missions and evangelism  October 15
February Mercy for all  November 15
March Life together, set apart  December 15
April Christ alone  January 15
May The Holy Spirit  February 15
June/July Convention preview*  
August Joy:fully Lutheran  May 15
September Convention recap*  
October Lutherans and the saints  July 15
November  State of the Synod*  
December The arts of Christmas  September 15
*Due to the unique formats of these special editions, no outside queries will be considered.

And, Portals of Prayer would-be-writers, look here. The next deadline for samples is March 1st and don’t you forget it. 😀 It’s a good exercise, discipline, and opportunity to work up a submission, even if aren’t daydreaming of writing devotional books. Great for helping one to write succinctly.

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