Typing up Notes

Ok. So I’ve got four reviews to post, presumably over the next two and a half weeks. (Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to review. You understood.) Anyway, what I want to talk about now is the irrational fear of typing up notes. 🙂

So, I’ve been trying to get organized this past year. I’ve also been trying to slow things down a little. Calm the crazy.

So I got myself a little black organizer. A pad of paper slips into the right hand side. A pen goes in the middle. And, there are slots and layers on the left where you can slip in pieces of paper of varying sizes.

Ladies and gentlemen, my to do list is written on the pad of paper. Beneath those two pages is my thank you list. On the left? A malstrom.

I’ve got two projects I’m intimidated by. Several more I’m ignoring. 🙂

(Why do I still just not want to work after the holidays? Sigh. Perhaps a post for another time.)

Today I’m just acknowledging the very real fear of typing up notes. It’s real. Why? Who knows.

Listen. Type up your notes. Seriously. Maybe wait for a while. Then type things up once you feel like listening to the radio for an hour or something. All together. Clean those note pads and scraps of paper right out of your life.

Writers are not always rational. Because we’re people. It’s ok.

I’m a Lutheran. Feels can totally be overrated. Doesn’t mean fear always stays away.

Write on, folks. 🙂 Acknowledge. Then type anyway. You’re not alone.

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