Disorganized notes

For a while I was keeping a little pocket flip-top notebook in my purse. I’d jot down notes whenever they struck and try to title the page to make it more searcher-friendly. You know what I have now? Something bound to get lost before I type in my disorganized notes.

There’s not a perfect answer, but I’d welcome additional suggestions. I had a great thought for a Bible study session, but that notebook wasn’t handy: it was hidden. One thing worse than jotting down notes is watching your kiddos rip ’em apart before transferring them somewhere more permanent.

I really think permanent storage will come for me and my hints and scraps of ideas . . . when my youngest three are another year or two older. 🙂 But it can be frustrating. Disheartening.

But I’m glad we’ve got each other. You keep track of your notes. I’ll try to keep track of mine, and together more things will get written, thought, and applied. Disorganized notes are neither definitive nor the obstacle we sometimes interpret them to be. God still works and words are getting written every day.

Thanks be to God that He even grants us the little things of pencil, paper, and moments of insights, whether or not we’re organized or “on top of things”!

Happy writing! Or note taking! Or disorganized persisting! 🙂


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  1. I’ve used Moleskine notebooks, and now I use the cheaper substitutes they sell at Staples. “Ecole Journals” is what they’re called, I believe, and they’ve held up to my twins from birth to now (almost 11 years).

  2. Sharon Schultz

    Oh Mary…I have so many little notebooks with jotted notes. To find the right one at the right time is very near impossible unless I leave it in plain view at all times. It works….some times but I don’t have toddlers anymore who pick things up and hide them or rip them. I used too. You are amazing at what you accomplish with 6 children. I only had 3 and it was hard.

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