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Let’s see. I said I’d try to do a week long series on congregational resources. Of course, I didn’t actually plan it out! So let’s see what I’ve come up with for today as far as more LCMS resources out there.

(Don’t doubt me. I can TOTALLY get a week out of all this great stuff!)

The name Maggie Karner is more famous than it once was. She is an incredible woman who is now with our Lord awaiting the resurrection. Anyway, I knew her when she was serving LCMS Life Ministries. She did great stuff, domestically and abroad!

They have some really great resources, too. There’s stuff for Life Sunday and the March for Life, of course. Perhaps lesser known, however, there is a Life LibraryA Small Catechism on Human Life by Dr. Pless (available in Spanish and Russian, too!), Mercy at Life’s End: A Guide for Laity and Their Pastors by Dr. Pless, a service in memory of abortion victims and more. Go here. Seriously. Bookmark it.


I am also pretty pleased with the great things the LCMS is doing on related social issues, like domestic violence and child abuse.

This social issues page links to LCMS commissioned or prepared resources for the following:

  • Racism
  • Disability
  • Child Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Life
  • Immigration
  • Persecution
  • Marriage
  • Sexuality
  • Religious Liberty


Meanwhile, I think there is plenty of room for even more solid Lutheran resources out there, so, ahem, get to writing, you! 😉 

I hope this post encourages you, whether you’re an LCMS-er or not. 

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