Our Car Accident

Hi everyone! Ned and I were in a rough car accident over the weekend, so I’m vanity blogging here for this entry to save myself having to retell and retell the story. 

I’ve deleted long version. Here’s the shortest I can manage: 

It was turning into an icy night and we were heading home from Stillwater errands. Only Ned and I were in the car. A car clipped us in the back driver’s side. We never quite stabilized. We ended up spinning around, hitting the guardrail on the left side of the interstate. It was pretty terrifying to realize we were facing oncoming traffic partially in the left lane with our lights out of commission! 

The car who hit us—surely they noticed?!—never stopped. Several other cars did, however, to make sure we were ok and not stranded in the cold. I am exceedingly grateful to them. We pushed the car out of the left lane—one of our helpers was almost killed by a crazy idiot driver staying in the left lane and not even slowing down.

The car’s presumably totaled, and I now know what it feels like to wonder if my husband is going to suffer or die and if my children will be orphaned. Thanks be to God that we are fine and the kids weren’t in the car!

We really might have ended up in the best possible scenario. No one hurt. No doubts about what happened. Appreciative to God and others.

I’m sad to never see our car again. I’m sad to know that a rat or something actually got into our car after we left it, either at the wreckage yard or previously, and ate into the package of cookies we were donating to church! (That car was not alone for even 24 hours!) But they’re just things. I’m thankful to God I’m still with my people. Est satis superque, gratias ago Deo.

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