Betty Ballantine

I don’t know whether you happened to see that Betty Ballantine has recently died. If not, here’s an article for you to read. If so, what do you think about my reflection below?

Ian and Betty Ballantine helped to revolutionize and shape reading throughout America. They took great books and helped them by putting together a better quality medium for them. They promoted what they appreciated and shared it in a way that helped those influences flourish.

I think that’s really awesome. I’m limited in how much I know about the couple, of course, but it makes me want to follow their footsteps. I want to take great books and get others reading them. I want to promote all that is good and beautiful and edifying and encouraging in faith and help it spread like wildfire! 

This couple, admittedly now deceased, didn’t live that long ago. Within the last 100 years, huge changes have happened. 🙂 And, maybe in the next 100 years there can also be positive changes. Let’s be a part of that.

Ok. I don’t have a master plan to invite you into quite yet. 😉 What we do have, however, are the promises of our Lord. He will work things toward good. He will work things toward His glory.

Meanwhile, I’ll just point out that more and more resources are being made. GOOD resources!

Life may not be easy. The world may not be going “our way,” but thanks be to God for so many things, including much we don’t know about. 

Book binders: I salute you. Publishers: Keep up quality work! And, authors, my friends, my people: write. Write and write and write. And, you know, read. 😉

Happy reading & writing, folks.


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