Writing Rules to Disregard

Just sharing an article with you today: “Three Writing Rules to Disregard!”


In more personal news, yesterday our twins turned four, and we celebrated by going out and buying a fish tank! We set it up and now can enjoy the sound of a quietly gurgling water filter. 🙂 We aspire to get fish ASAP!

It’s nearing a week after the accident, and I still can’t get myself to write much. Thankfully, reading has been a calming and reassuring activity, so we may have a whole lot of reviews coming up! 

The birthday has me reliving a bit of trauma, too. I rarely talk about it now, but our little ones were born at 32-weeks, so eight weeks early, and they were whisked away from me soon after they were born. Mother and children in two different hospitals can hardly be called right, but we’re thankful to God for all the medical advancements that helped our dear girls.

The older of the two had additional problems, requiring surgery the day after she was born. And, imagine, we weren’t even present! I suppose it’s part of the book I dare not write, because I’m still so raw about it. Sigh.

But they’ve come so far! And, they are such happy girls!

Anyway, next week I hope to be up and writing again! Never back to normal, per se, but ever creating a new normal for myself and others! 😀

Next week: reviews. I’ll also let you know about a writing opportunity. Maybe you’ve heard about it already . . . and maybe you haven’t! 🙂 Check in throughout next week to see.

Blessed weekend, folks! Be safe! 

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