The Root of Esau

Last week I reviewed Lutheran author J. L. Vaughan’s book, No Good SonI quickly followed it up with reading another of his books, The Root of EsauThis is a much different kind of book and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Root of Esau Review

This may not be a book written for the masses, but it is written for someone like me, who grew up enjoying Frank Peretti! Dark, spooky, at times violent, maybe shocking, this was a captivating monster story and by the end you realize just how monstrous the world may be becoming! 

It’s Christian but, rather than in a preachy way, in an exorcism, God-help-us-cuz-we-are-over-matched sense! 

I’ll admit there were a few missing words or typos, but they didn’t trouble me at all. Honestly, I was flying through the novel, looking to see where it might go, and laying in bed at night thinking about even after I finally lay it on my bed stand.

I found it very clever although a few Scripture references were a stretch. Thoughtfully, the author actually tacked on an explanation, which left me satisfied. 

J. L. Vaughan’s other book, No Good Son, will likely attract and hold the attention of a broader audience, since it’s a crime thriller, but I really enjoyed The Root of Esau and getting wrapped up into a Christian monster (?) thriller! Some great ideas, a few lessons learned, clever use of Scripture trivia. I’m sold!

(Probably not best for kids.)

PS. I have a growing number of reviews coming up, but I promise I won’t give you a full week of reviews. Unless you ask for it. 😉

Happy reading & writing! Now I’m off to be sure I actually posted my last few reviews to Amazon/GoodReads.

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