Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation

LCMS author Rev. Lincoln Winter, who blogs at “Predigtamt: Musings of a Circuit Riding Parson,” has now released Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation!

Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation

Official release article here: 

Catechetics Release Party!

Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation is now available through Lulu, paperback for $36 HERE and hardcover  HERE for $45. Note that no digital copy is currently planned—footnotes rarely work as well as in physical copies.

Not sure how long it will last, but Lulu is offering a 15% off coupon code LKAB317CD.

Here is the Lulu blurb, a review by a man I’d trust in such matters, Rev. Paul Cain, LCMS Pastor and Headmaster in Sheridan, Wyoming:

Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation is a necessary book. Recapitulating, updating, and improving upon the standard works on the topic, Catechetics explains how Confirmation in The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod reached its current state, and how a distinctly Lutheran catechesis can begin the work of repair, patiently bearing fruit over the next generations.

Lutheran parents, pastors, educators, and church and school leaders would benefit from a return to Lutheran catechesis, wider use of the Large and Small Catechisms of Martin Luther, and collectively reading this landmark volume. This book will be especially encouraging to classical Lutheran educators!

Faithful, honest, frank, yet constructively helpful and practical, Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation deserves a wide distribution, readership, and application.

The Reverend Paul Cain, Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church & Headmaster, Martin Luther Grammar School, Sheridan, WY

Sounds interesting to me!

I’d like to point out that Rev. Winter also has some excellent resources on his website. Go here to see a free Christmas program for small congregations and Luther’s Latin Litany!!! And more! AWESOME!

Also check out Rev. Winter’s Resources for teaching Luther’s Small Catechism page, as well as his other books, What Every Christian Must Know: Outlines of Luther’s Large Catechism, Evolution: A Defense Against, and Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish (2nd ed.).

Fixing? What’s to Fix?

Now, not everyone has thought about the history and practices of confirmation. I’ve actually found it to be a very helpful topic as a layperson, even before I became a parent.

I won’t pretend to be an expert of course, but check out this resource for easy to find catechetical-almost-everything: Lutheran Catechism: Promoting Use of Luther’s Catechisms, which is a production of Synoptic Text Information Services, Inc., and is edited by T. R. Halvorson. (To see his books, go here.) 

Bookmark this page: I may not know all the stuff, but quite a bit of it is golden! 

Halvorson just added Gerberding’s The Lutheran Catechist: A Companion Book to The Lutheran Pastor to that resource page. Reu’s work is also available there. Sure to be stimulating reading!

Happy reading & writing, and “Lord, help us ever to retain The catechism’s doctrine plain!”

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