Unicorn Ranch

Want to know what I love? Lutheran writers! You know what else I love? Kids. Especially kids who read . . . and write!! Today’s post is a happy announcement that an awesome 14-year old Lutheran girl,  Milena Janton, has written and published her first novel, Unicorn Ranch!

Don’t you just love the idea of teens writing for kids their own age and younger?

Written for girls ages 7 and up, this is a family-friendly tale about a girl who moves to a new school and finds adventure at Unicorn Ranch.

According to reviewers, this is an explicitly Christian book, a fantasy “paralleled with Christian faith,” good for reluctant readers as well as eager ones. One Amazon review calls it a Christian fairy tale with “mysterious moments happy moments, and a wonderful ending.”

AND, it sounds like the next in the series should be out this summer. Great! What an inspiration!

Sounds good to me! Way to go, Milena!  

PS. Looks like her mom is a Lutheran author, too! AWESOME! Check out Celena Janton’s books here. 🙂 Looks like Christian fairy tales run in the family!

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