Something Beautiful

Ladies and gentlemen, I interrupt this week of blogging book releases to share just a little something beautiful. Last night at Ash Wednesday, two of my six children participated far more than usual. My five-year-old Michael did really well following along with the liturgy and readings. Even better, when he got lost, he was disappointed! He cared! But equally moving to me as a mother was that my newly-four-year-old Anastasia (we call her Tasy) participated in praying the litany! Now, don’t get me wrong, she said each line exactly after everyone else said it. 🙂 But the something beautiful is that our pastor allowed the time for her to do it. All of those “Have mercy”‘s melted my heart. 

Proud isn’t the word. However, I am extraordinarily thankful to God that my children are raised in the Church, hearing God’s Word, singing substance, and receiving God’s gifts of faith, forgiveness, life, and salvation.

Another something beautiful: maybe you’ll be able to relate. Our oldest daughter Elizabeth is 10-years old. She’s been in piano for just over a year so she can read music enough to read a melody line from the hymnal and sing even less familiar pieces. Well, I am very proud that, in our little congregation—maybe 20 people in attendance, 9 of whom were my family, and a cappella as we were due to a lack of organists and keyboardists in the area, my daughter and I were able to sing out together. At one point, I could only hear the two of us and my husband. But what a joyful sound it was! (You know, for Ash Wednesday ;))

Just thought I’d share. 🙂 

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