Memories of the Walk-Out

Rev. Ted Mayes is gathering memories of the walk-out. He hopes to to collect them prior to the 50-year anniversary, which is in a few years. 

Here is the text I’ve seen from him. Admittedly, I’m removing his contact information. I’ll replace it with a link below, in case that can spare him robo-troubles. 🙂

Requesting Memories of the Walk-Out

June 24, 2020
Dear Brothers,

A few years from now will mark the 50th anniversary of the walkout. Some of us who were there at the time have already been taken to their reward. Most of the rest of us now sign our name with the ‘rank’ of “emeritus.”

Living now in Fort Wayne, I’ve been asked a number of times, by seminarians, about all different aspects of the walkout. I’d like your help in answering those questions. If you have the inclination, I’d
appreciate it if you would write down your memories about the walkout – literally anything that you remember and want to share with the younger generations. (I came up with 6.5 pages, single-spaced, without much effort.) Feel free to include what you think is important – e.g. why you chose St. Louis, what classes were like before and after the walkout, things you thought were important, what your emotions were like at that time.

If you send your memories to me (hard copy, .docx or .odt file, even .pdf – either by snail-mail or email), I’ll undertake to gather them into a collection. Then, at the very least, a copy of the collection
will be placed at Concordia Historical Institute, and probably copies for both Seminary libraries. If possible, I could even put them in an .epub (Kindle) format and make free copies available through Amazon.

The Alumni Relations at the seminary is being kind enough to send this out by email to the email addresses they have. However, if you know a brother from the classes of 1974, 1976 or 1977 (the classes that were actually there during the walkout) who hasn’t been contacted about this project, I would appreciate it if you would share this message with them. Hoping that you’ll share your memories with others,

In Christ,
Rev. Ted Mayes, emeritus (class of 1976)

Back to Me

Here is a link to his contact information. I double checked that the email and physical address both lined up.

It was an important time. If you know of someone who’d be able to share their memories of the Walk-Out, please do let them know about this opportunity. This gets to be an opportunity for you to encourage other Lutherans to write, too. 🙂

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