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Lars Walker had an article published. Follow a link below and I’ll add my own spin.

Dark Truths on Old TV

I’ll admit I get aggravated. I’m a Christian. A theologically-astute one. I recognize dark truths often. But we live in a time when it seems like the education system that is supposed to help support wisdom and discernment accomplishes the exact opposite.

If a person reads enough, he or she will find criticism and God-willing do so to an extent that unearths various sides, approaches, etc. But what kind of educational system leads people to think that a country’s past or policies haven’t been criticized before?

Again, as a Christian, I recognize that repentance isn’t locked up in the past. Repentance is something that continually changes our direction—and a mighty good thing, too! 

Those who know neither repentance nor various points of view? What exactly do they know? Self-righteousness? Compartmentalization? 

It’s scary and infuriating. Sigh.

But guess what. We are not only Christians but also readers and writers. We are blessed to read things that broaden our minds. We get to fill up with truth and beauty and stir up the best parts of our humanity. And, just maybe, what we write can help others learn a thing or two. Guide them a step closer to a better place.

Thanks for your article, Lars! Keep up the good work!

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