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You know how books can pile up? And sometimes you need to make room for different books? Well, a couple of Lutheran pastors’ wives have an idea for you. 🙂 Use the brand new Facebook group, Lutherans Selling Books, to buy and sell used Lutheran books.

If there are important warnings to heed, let me know and I’ll pass them along. 🙂

No, not every book has to be written by a Lutheran and published by a Lutheran publishing house. I think the idea is more along the lines of “Lutheran-friendly,” so that group administrators don’t have to have litmus tests of orthodoxy. 

It’s all pretty straight-forward: It’s a Facebook “Buy and Sell” group. Here’s the descriptive blurb from the page:

Lutherans Selling Books exists to help Lutherans sell used books, such as theology books, to those who share a Lutheran worldview. It was founded by a group of Lutheran pastors’ wives who recognize that some books should be shared rather than stored! And let’s be sure to keep things friendly!

I may spend a few days trying to raise awareness for it. It is a private group, so hop on over now to join before you forget it exists.

Happy reading & writing, and, if you’re up for it, buying & selling!

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