One Thing’s Needful

I finished up Rev. Alan Kornacki‘s Thy Strong Word series so today I’ll review volume 3, One Thing’s Needful.

One Thing’s Needful Review

This third of the series is probably my favorite. I appreciated reading a few pages of pre-marriage counseling and other such theological application. (Maybe the first quarter of the book covered premarital matters. It’s certainly geared toward a conservative Lutheran audience.) I liked hearing solid ways of expressing things, you know? Admittedly, that makes it a bit more narrative than novel-ish at times, but the writing was pretty smooth.

Things hit the fan, plot-wise, with some disapproving clergymen. They were a bit one-dimensional, but, to be honest, there can be real jerks in this world, clergy or otherwise. The point, I think, was a cathartic one: proper support helps folks stand up against things that aren’t right. And, again, it’s not like the novel was only about that one topic.

As a pastor’s wife myself, I had to take a big breath in toward the end. Pastoral life! 

One thing’s needful and I wish it for you!

For the series, go here. Only $8.97 for the Kindle set. To read my two previous reviews, go here and here.


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