Greatest of Treasures

I first blogged about young Lutheran author Milena Janton, when I learned she published Unicorn Ranch at 14. (Her mother is an author, too, btw: Celena Janton.) Now I find out Milena has published her third book in five years! Yay! Greatest of Treasures may even be the first in a new series, To Times and Countries. 🙂

Here is the description for her latest novel, Greatest of Treasures:

Lucinda is terrified of finding herself unloved and unwanted . . . alone. But how far is she willing to go to keep hiding from her fears?

Lucinda Walker wants to avoid the pain that comes with memories from her past. The pain of being unloved and unwanted. So when she discovers she might have to move to her hometown – the one place she’ll never be able to avoid her pain – she seizes the only way of escape.

Journeying with friends and family to Israel in search of treasure, will Lucinda find the gold and jewels that will allow her to keep hiding from her pain . . . or will she find a treasure far greater than anything she ever could have imagined?



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