Ned and I just returned from a great district church workers’ conference. It has me thinking of many posts to write, and I was fortunate to be able to help with the CPH table, so I got to browse through lots of great books! Woo hoo! Meanwhile, for now I want to ask you about opposites.

Sometimes with kids a parent will “play” opposites. You just name something and they name its reverse. Up/down. You get the picture.

It’s a handier conversation than you may think, and it’s led me to ask, “What’s the opposite of serious work?” I am not looking for frivolous play, but the balancing parallel.

Church work can be very serious. Fun, yes. Happy, absolutely! But serious. Raising kids? Serious. Again, it’s serious plus many, many other things, but I’m wondering if something is a little too neglected that could be affecting my productivity. Maybe too much seriousness? Or too much . . . something else?

Apparently the answer isn’t mindless television. 😉 Nor is it really relaxation or rest. 

I am being creative. I am being social. My music struggles are a bit off-putting sometimes, but I don’t think it’s exacerbating anything.

Another way I’m trying to think about it is this: what vocational area can be explored that can give my church-worky brain cells a rest while still pursuing . . . I don’t know. Something else.

Feel free to play opposites below and share what balancing tips you have. 🙂 Otherwise, my mind will just simmer away and who knows what I’ll get stuck on! 😉

Happy reading & writing!

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