Lenten Resources 2021

Time to share stuff I’ve found for my annual pre-Lent post for Lenten resources. Here’s what I’ve found thus far, though feel free to add more in the comments.

Lenten Resources 2021

It sounds like the Red Letter Challenge is also popular among some. But, um, I believe all of God’s Words are Jesus and not just red, quoted ones. So, um. Hm. But I guess the guy behind it is an LCMS pastor in Florida.

There are also Lutheran resources from years past, of which these are a sampling:

Neat Disciplines to Consider

  • Memorize the Athanasian Creed by starting now and ending at Trinity Sunday! Every line will be a blessing! Granted, it’s not a 40 day exercise, but still a very excellent spiritual discipline and education. I even put together this document pairing the text with each week. Athanasian Creed for Easy Memorization. 
  • Steadfast Lutherans has a schedule to read through the Book of Concord for Lent here (here’s the audio version, which follows the Concordia Triglotta)
  • Here’s a neat “40 for 40.”
  • You know how Scripture journaling is a thing? Scripture writing is also a thing. You just copy Scripture every day. You can google it to find topical Scripture plans (like this one). You can also google Scripture copywork, because homeschoolers use Scripture sometimes to practice handwriting, too. 🙂

Additional Reading

Sometimes I  pick reading a theological book or two as a Lenten discipline, so I’ll also offer a title here. Now, it’s by an Anglican, so I haven’t blogged this previously but it does sound very interesting: Luther’s Liturgical Criteria and His Reform of the Canon of the Mass.

Last but Not Least

I’ll close by linking to something I put together for LutheranHomeschool.com: a page of resources & stuff for kids or the whole family. Some of it’s probably repetitive with what’s listed above, but some isn’t. This would be a place, for instance, with links about fasting.

A blessed Lent to come! 🙂

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