Prep for my new Children’s book

I was just contacted by my illustrator and I am so excited! It’s time to really get through final prep for my new children’s book: Trinity for Tots!

Illustrations are almost complete! (Yay yay yay!)

I’m now obsessing about two main things: punctuation and page order. Is that crazy? It’s a book for toddlers, but I still want it to be as perfect as possible. In some ways, it may be my magnus opus, a tribute to my God and a tribute to the sound, biblical theology children deserve.

I’m wondering how to spread the word this time. Word of my poetry book didn’t seem to spread too far even using a launch team. I gave away a ton of copies for few reviews. 🙁 So I’m not too keen on a launch team.

Part of me thinks I should try to get endorsements. I know some folks. On the other hand, it’s a children’s book. 

I just don’t know. I’m open for suggestion. I’d love some prayers! 🙂 And by all means bear with me once I start asking you to buy it.

Exciting, nerve-racking times! Woo hoo!!!

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