Trinity Launch Team

Today I open up registration for my Trinity Launch Team! Want to help me spread word about Trinity for Tots? 🙂

Trinity for Tots

I’m sure I’ve talked about it before. It’s been in the works for a couple years now. In simplest terms, this book exists to help parents and very young children speak about the God they worship. Here’s the back cover explanation:

Christians know who they worship, because He is revealed through God’s Word. Still, it can be intimidating to talk about God and the Trinity. Trinity for Tots is an easy, Bible-based introduction to the holy Trinity. Rhyming couplets are paired with watercolors to explore what God says about Himself. God is pictured using hands, doves, crosses, a manger scene, and a picture of Jesus above a traditional altar in a church scene.

Ultimately I’d love to follow this up with a children’s book with more introduction to creedal language for older (maybe elementary?) children, and a homeschool unit study, likely geared toward middle graders and up. When will these things happen? No idea, but good sales can be a strong motivator! 😉 

Lutheran artist Jaimie Truwe did an excellent job illustrating it with her daughter Naomi! I am super pleased! You should check out Jamie’s other work at and her Pure Joy Creative Etsy shop. She’s also an illustrator behind The Enduring Word Bible! (CPH link here. Amazon link here.)

Launch Team Details

What is a launch team? Launch teams help to spread the word about new releases, especially for early sales. When a large number of people purchase a book on its release day, for example, it helps with Amazon algorithms & findability. (Here’s an article about it for all you fellow writers.) Launch teams are also crucial for early reviews and the more early reviews the better!

Applications for the Trinity Launch Team will be accepted until the group fills up. You do not need your own blog or anything, although I’d like your word that you intend to help, presuming you approve of the book. (I’ll likely add members over the weekend since my Friday is a bit busier than usual.) 

Please do forward this to Christian bloggers or podcasters who may be interested. Although I’m a Lutheran, this book should be friendly to any Christian denomination with infant baptisms or christenings.

Launch team members will receive a personal PDF of Trinity for Tots, along with an invitation to the Mary Moerbe Launch Team Facebook group. Facebook is not necessary to participate, but have you ever heard of a forever launch team? My Facebook group serves that purpose for me, letting previous launchers have access to future teams & books, too. 

Then, what would help me the most? Read the book. Think up a sentence or two about it. Share our “Coming Soon” image with that sentence, whether its on social media, over email, etc. Then, once the book is released/published, mention it again & review it. I’m optimistic that we’ll have Trinity for Tots on Amazon, GoodReads, Ad Crucem and my website bookshop. 🙂

To apply, fill out the form:

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