A little getaway

I’m happy to say my husband and I enjoyed a little getaway this weekend. We left the kids with my folks and tried to relax out of town.

It’s not something we typically do, but I’m glad we did. We went to the National Cowboy Museum & the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Both are just things I think folks who live in Oklahoma should do. I’ve gone a few times, but my husband hasn’t. Eventually, God-willing, we can take the kids.

Next week is the anniversary of the Murrah bombing: April 19th. I won’t make you sad with my reminiscing, but I’ll never forget. I was living in Wisconsin at the time, but my mom (and the vast majority of my extended family) was in Oklahoma.

Anyway! It sure was good just to spend some time with my sweetheart. I tried not to think about business (though my launch team still has a few slots open). I even started reading one of my dad’s books, State of the Arts: From Bezalel to Mapplethorpe. It’s a great conversation starter (!) and now I’m puzzling about all sorts of things, such as the meaning of nature. 🙂

Maybe that can help me get back into writing poetry for my volume two of Ecclesial Poetry. I’m dreaming that it’ll be focused on Creation with maybe a second half for Job.

This does mean that I may or may not get all my posts up this week (as I rely pretty heavily on weekends to write ahead!). <Shrug> Blessed Easter, on & off screen!

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