My Lenten Discipline Attempts

Ah, what to post for today. How about I ‘fess up to this: this year my Lenten discipline attempts are not going that well. Of course, what do I mean by “well”?

I suppose if one wants to “succeed” at a Lenten discipline . . . 🙂 what does that say?

Typically I like to have a dietary something. Maybe something else on top. This year I’m trying something new. Some things new, really.

First, I’m reading a new edition of Luther’s Commentary on Galatians. I’ll review it once I’m done, of course, but, whoosh, this will take me a while! I knew it’d be dangerous to pick a long serious book when I’ve already got a fair amount to juggle.

Ideally, one would read a certain number of pages a day. I’m FAILING! I’m so used to binge reading fiction, but non-fiction is a totally different way to read. Much slower. I’m considering as I go, and there’s both theological and translation things to consider. (Awesome! But certainly different than my typical days lately.)

Second, I’m trying to relearn piano by practicing Divine Service Setting III and now and then Vespers.

My friends. There was a time when I was a musician. Mostly clarinet and voice, however. There was a time when I studied and translated Latin! Ah, but that was long ago.

Usually I love Lenten disciplines. I choose what I want to do on a deep level. But this year is harder. It isn’t so much what I WANT to do as things I know it would be good to do, for my mind, my discipline, and, frankly, my congregation.

It’s like I’m exercising totally different muscles and it hurts.

You think I’m going to say it hurts in a good way? Ha! Not so much. Yet.

Still, it’s good. Maybe more what mortification and humility are supposed to be.

Different things for different years. Not like my salvation depends on it. 🙂

Some time when I feel more ambitious, I’d like to write about Lenten disciplines during early motherhood years. It can be another of my discipline attempts. Ah, but that is not THIS year! 🙂 Maybe when the kids are older! ha ha 😀

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