Yesterday we planted our garden. Not all the plants, of course. 🙂 Or even most of the plants, but the sugar snaps are in! Sweet peas & snow peas!

It reminded me of a book I tried to write, comparing the Christian life to being planted in God’s garden. He gives the Seed. He even provides the good soil. He waters. He prunes. Ultimately, He brings us with Him to live in His home forever.

What particularly appeals to me in that metaphor is the treatment of baptism. Baptism comes from above, but once watered it lingers below us, granting us that new life which we always need. 

I wish I could remember who first described baptism to me as an underground river. One can’t always see it, but it is always there, ready to be drawn upon, providing us with what we need far more than we realize. Deep down, yet not in some gnostic sense.

Folks, I really wish I could remember. Because I would buy that person a coffee, a book, a Christmas present, and reoccurring birthday cards for life! (Ahem, if I were capable of managing that, of course. ;))

Let’s give thanks for all the great teachers and comments that have shaped us. Let’s pray for the great teachers and comments to come, too!

Times change. Significantly. But maybe gardens don’t change as much. Thanks be to God.

Hmm. I haven’t revisited that draft for . . . goodness, two years? Folks, I don’t know about you but I started a bit of spring cleaning with the kiddos today. Maybe, when we do, we writers should find time to sort through our drafts, too! 🙂 There might be good stuff that just needs a bit of clean up and tender loving care!

Happy writing!

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