The Stick and the Stone

Did everyone know about this one but me? The Stick and the Stone looks like such a promising Lutheran children’s book!!! And, it’s been out since 2013!

The author is a WELS pastor, Rev. Joel Pankow, and illustration is done by Jonathan Mayer, of whom I am a great fan. 

I haven’t seen it (yet), but the description says it is aimed at ages 8-12 and it is 28-pages. Be sure to check out Amazon’s “Look Inside” preview to see get a glimpse of the reading level.

I love that it tackles God’s work in the Old Testament. I really want my kids grounded in the whole revelation of God.

I’ve added it to my wishlist and think you should, too. 🙂

PS. Sorry my post went up so late yesterday. I always write them the night before (or earlier) and schedule them for 6am CST. Um, but, well, apparently you have to click that little “publish” button. Who knew?! I’m sure your day went on just fine without me, but I’m still sorry.

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