Yay for today! You may not know this about me, but I was originally a clarinet music performance major in college. Well, today I get to take my oldest to state! She’s been in piano for nearing a year and a half, so this is her first experience.

I get to take her to OU, my alma mater. I get to take her to the halls I walked, the campus I loved, and the place she somehow dreams of attending!

(I blame my parents and their love for college sports.)

Anyway, I’ll encourage her to attend a Christian university later, but for now I’m so excited to spend the day, one on one, with my ten-year old! Where will we walk?! What stories will I tell? Which others will remember and totally not tell her?! WHERE WILL WE EAT? (Norman has only gotten cooler since I left.)

And state! So many memories! From a different state, but still! Music can break hearts, but it’s a poignancy I want for all my children, perhaps especially this one. She works so hard. She’s gaining so much confidence.

Please wish us well & fair weather. I’d love to stroll the campus after all the things that have changed. Maybe, just maybe, there will not be a heavy cloud of smoke surrounding the main English building. Maybe overhearing intelligent conversation will encourage us for the future.

Or maybe I’ll feel old and curmudgeonly and just absorb more things to sigh and pray about. Either way, I’m shockingly stoked! And yay for Elizabeth Loehe, who fills me with joy!

PS. Also for those who follow me on my personal Facebook account, I figured out my technical issue. It was just a lag in updates for one of my plug-ins. It’s all better now. I’ll stop giving my behind-the-site dirty looks. Double woo hoo!

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