I read an awesome article/Letter From the Editor: “The Living Order of Education” by Martin Cothran in The Classical Teacher, Summer 2019 (Memoria Press’s publication). It rocked my world, so today’s post will be a super brief one on . . . dum dum dum . . . DESTRUCTION!


In Latin, de is a prefix which here means undo.” Destruction is to de-structure. 

Structure comes from a past participle of struere, which means to heap up or build.

Destruction is to undo that which was built.

Typing this out, I realize that this post may not carry the full mental explosion that accompanied reading the article, but think it through. It’s a big, multi-applicable thing! There are so many structures we take for granted, yet would let slip away!

Apply this to just about everything: writing, family, education, culture, etc. I think it’s well worth thinking through!

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the article as it likely does better justice than I can presently can to the realization. Good stuff.

The Living Order of Education

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