Unexpected Influence

Sometimes I’m struck by what unexpected influence exists in my life. (This is a bit of a continuation from yesterday’s post, as I was waxing a little sentimental at the time.)

So, my husband and I were married in church in a town special to me. To be honest, though, it isn’t one we have many remaining connections to. My parents had moved there for work and left nearly my lifetime ago (at barely four years old).

Still, it was where I was baptized and it was conveniently halfway between where I grew up and the groom’s extended family. My parents had moved away from where I grew up.

Anyway, I love that the pastor who baptized me was able to marry me. Soon after he retired after long years in faithfulness to Christ, His calling as a pastor, and His only call to a congregation. 

I love that that man set down such roots in a small Oklahoma town. I love that he brought my parents to the means of grace by clear Gospel preaching and Bible teaching. And, being married to a pastor, I am so thankful that I can recall snippets of what my parents have said about the man who brought them into liturgical worship, confessional Christianity, and the many insights and blessings of Lutheranism.

So that particular pastor from years and years ago continues to play a positive, enduring, unexpected influence. 🙂 Thanks be to God.

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  1. Mary Kuhlmann Antholz

    Neat tribute to a faithful man of God!

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