Dumb but True

(Sorry. Another scheduled post didn’t post and I didn’t catch it. Sigh.) Dumb but true. I’ve had a busy few weeks, both for happy reasons—my parents’ 50th wedding celebration!!!!! Yay yay yay yay—sad reasons—an unexpected death—and busy reasons—a final summer visit from my father in law and prepping for homeschooling. Anyway, in the midst of that I had lots of car time so I downloaded some audio books and NOW I’m reading as slowly as folks narrative! This is driving me NUTS. It’s like TIME SLOWED DOWN and I can’t think quickly anymore! Ack!

<Deep breath> This too shall pass. Just one of those unexpected oddities, where a blessing seems to taint other blessings. (Am I allowed to put it that way? Do you know what I mean?)

Oh well. Blessed weekend, folks!

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