Time for Everything?

Sometimes I just want to get lost in a good book. Or a good long stretch of consecutive books. 🙂 Other times, of course, I want to write! The desires aren’t mutually exclusive, of course, but it’s hard to find time to do both! How do people find time for everything?

I’ve written about it before. I do think there is time for everything. Just not everything all at once. And isn’t that ok?

Yesterday my in-laws came for a short visit, and I’m so thankful they did! I’d take that over reading or writing in a heartbeat. (Admittedly, my mother-in-law and I end up talking book suggestions anyway. I love that.)

But I’m thinking about the “time for everything” concept in a different way, too. I keep thinking of little ideas for LutheranHomeschool, and little things are certainly adding up to keep me from bigger things! 

So. What’s the key? Not losing time sweating over it! Discern what you can do right now or real soon. Do it. Or add it to your “shovel ready” to do list!

If the idea is so small that it doesn’t merit your to do list or your two minutes of effort? Forget about it. Not everything needs to be written, read, or done. 

On the other hand, big projects are really series of connected minor bits and pieces. If you think of something great for a magnus opus? Jot down those notes! If you have a chunk of time, outline, sketch out, or go ahead and just write a chunk of it!

Bits & pieces now are not settling or giving up in any way. Projects really can simmer away on back-burners and come back strong at a later time.

People . . . not so much. People simmering is typically a concern & to be avoided. 😉

I’m not saying it’s easy. Just offering my two-cents as I go through what probably bugs many of us. I am also saying that I’m rooting for you & hope you’re rooting for me!

In other news, check out my latest favorite Spotify find! Woo hoo! 

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