Stand Alone

It’s a release day! Lutheran author Ruth Meyer adds a FOURTH book, Stand Alone, to her Sola series today! Amazing! And within, what, three years!? Wow!!! 🙂

Stand Alone Review  

To recap, Grace Alone focuses on Grace, a single mother, but introduces her at times wild but lovable family. Faith Alone plows deeper into family life with extended attention on Faith. Then Hope Alone digs even deeper into family & romantic complications and all sorts of other drama that life tends to throw our way.

Stand Alone certainly keeps a family feel and an emphasis on just how wholesome an affect a Christian family can have on those they interact with. At the same time, Jackson, the second oldest, takes the lead as he faces head on friendship, romance, college, and just how shape-shifting life can sometimes be.

Once again Ruth Meyer does not shy away from asking hard Christian questions. Once again she tries to address hard issues that frankly surround us more and more. And that is to be commended.

Ok. But Ruth? I NEEDED MORE KATIE! Come on. Will she star in the next one?!



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Happy reading & writing, folks!

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