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My friends, I offer you several things this Monday morning. First, for the ladies, if you’re on Facebook, you may be interested to learn that The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge Fb group may be starting a book club! Awesome! Second, for everyone, I thought Edward Riojas had a super excellent post this past week, “For All Saints Day and the Anniversary of the Reformation. Read it & share the encouragement. THIRD, Lutheran author Rachel Kovaciny has a new free short story up: Gruff.

I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds delightfully mischievous and warm-hearted. It’s part of the Once Upon a Western series that I keep enjoying as it retells fairy tales in a western setting. 🙂

I hope to read it maybe next weekend. Meanwhile, I’m so thankful my sister-in-law is in town! I’m so thankful that God brought her into my life (and, you know, her brother ;)). She’s a true friend, kindred spirit, and an absolute treasure. 

(Now if I can just manage to visit my other sister-in-law, that’d be amazing!)

If you’d prefer to read it elsewhere than Kindle, it’s on her website, nook, and kobo, too. 🙂

Happy reading & writing, folks!


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