New Outdoor Nativity Set

I’m pleased to report that my congregation just ordered a brand new outdoor nativity set. 🙂

We went with this one (life-sized and in color). Much to my delight it’s from a store owned by LCMS Lutherans. Yay!

I’m having a lovely visit with my sister-in-law, and I’m working away on another hymn or two, which is very satisfying. Still playing catch up, it seems, with stuff, but I’m also daring to dream a little about what I could work on writing-wise in November.

I daren’t actually mention what, though, since I’m not optimistic about getting it done. 🙁 Ahhh, life. So full of so very many things.

Also, I started to feel a little crazy. Then I thought, “Huh, I haven’t read a book for a while.” Started to read and . . . I’m hooked on a series. <Sigh> I don’t really have time to be hooked on a series. 🙂 But I’m thankful I feel myself again! ha ha haa It isn’t written by a Lutheran, and there’s certainly liberal slants & elements, but I’m sure tickled that my mom buys each and every book and I can read ’em on her extra kindle! Woo hoo!

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