Are great things in store?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll admit I’m starting to get kind of nervous. I’d hoped the Corona virus would be going away rather than obviously spreading. So I want to take a moment to ask you: Are great things in store?

Ok. Not AT the store. In store.

Christ totally has this situation under control. Yes, the world goes through dark, scary, and dangerous times. But at the very, very worst . . . ? It will usher in Jesus, and, “Come, Lord Jesus!” The apocalypse is not something for Christians to fear but to recognize as a completion long in the works.

But back to my question. Are great things in store? Yes. There are absolutely fabulous things still to come. Babies and baptisms, weddings and triumphs.

And, to turn this more specifically to writing, I think there are still great texts to be written. Hymns to be sung. Poetry to be penned. Novels to grasp and books to illumine.

Yesterday I mentioned a new children’s hymnal coming out. Now, I generally think one should only pursue a new hymnal with great care. But, on the other, don’t we still want to dig deep into the wealth of Christian resources at our fingertips? There are still tremendous amounts of Lutheran writing untranslated. Practically unknown. Under-utilized. And what if one of our children, or grandchildren, is profoundly gifted with music, another Bach augmenting the songs we can take to heart as we catechize our bodies and souls?

I don’t know what will happen. But I daresay that whatever will happen will include us using the time before us and discovering yet again that God’s mercy is abundant and God’s Word powerful. 


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