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Rev. Steve Andrews, a Lutheran homeschooling dad, has started two new family study podcasts to help families as they gather around God’s Word. Yay!

One is a daily look at a chapter of the Bible, how it points to Christ, and questions we can ask our children. The other is a weekly Bible study on the Scriptures that would be read in worship if a congregation is using the 3-year lectionary.

The Daily Bite (which is based on his Faith@Home Corner devotion guide here) has Jonah and the Easter readings coming up soon, and here’s the link to Layman’s Guide to the Lectionary.

The podcasts are available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, RadioPublic, and PocketCasts. (We’ll see if Apple adds them, too.)

Sounds great to me! I hope you folks can check them out or spread the word if you know someone who would benefit from the guidance and time together in Scripture. 🙂

Now, to link the family study podcasts to my Free Lutheran Resource page and spread it around!

Peace & health, my friends.

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