A Poem for an Unprecedented Day

Today’s post is “A Poem for an Unprecedented Day” by Lutheran author and pastor Craig Stanford with a brief introduction from him.

From Rev. Stanford:

Every Sunday for 40 years, I woke, usually just before 6 a.m., got dressed for and drove to church, readied it to receive the people, put the finishing touches on my work, then perform my duties. Imagine how confused I was this past Sunday morning while in the state of Hypnagogia (that place between sleep and wake).

A Poem for an Unprecedented Day

Rev. Craig S Stanford

It must be Saturday, or Monday, or any day but Sunday.
Do I wake or do I sleep? I know a sermon I did preach.
Was that yesterday or today? When were “the prayers” for the sacred day?
Am I early or am I late? Should I rise or remain in blate?
Do I stay, enjoy the sleep? What of the sheep, do they still sleep?
I tossed and turned in the dark. What of the church, Christ’s gracious ark?
Then late I rose from the bed and 8:00 a.m. the alarm clock said.
My mind no longer clouded and vague. I did curse this virus plague.
Anxiety and fear now have swelled. Silent have the church bells fell.
Her services must now cease, stay at home and find your peace.
For in our land the order came. A shortsighted wayward people and virus to blame.
Disbursed as in the days of old, the Gospel remains our very stronghold.
Recordings and streaming now online, left to bear the holy Sign.
A poor impoverished “means of grace.” Still the Word of God takes His place.
While the church was set apart and faith a matter of mind and heart;
The church together God created, Christ’s means of grace and His people mated.
The Church yearns these days to pass; and “the prayers” and hymns of the high mass.
Forgive us our trespasses we shall pray and end the suffering of this day.
Then you who all the church departed, return with us contrite and full hearted.


Back to me:

Our hearts sure go out to all the pastors who have so many more struggles caring for their people! And our hearts go out to the all the people who are hungering and thirsting! Lord, have mercy.

You may remember that I’ve reviewed and loved Rev. Stanford’s book, The Oracles and the Jewels(The review is here, although that giveaway has closed and been completed.) If you’re looking for reading these days, it may be a good time to choose materials written by Lutherans. Just saying. 🙂 I’m happily just starting Rev. Alan Kornacki‘s Thy Strong Word trilogy of novels.

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  1. Carrie

    This was a very lovely poem and it suited my mood on a day like today.

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