Timothy Hemling

Ladies and gentlemen, another Lutheran author! Timothy Hemling is a Lutheran teacher and author. He has two books available (with a few more coming in new editions soon-ish): Downfallen, the first in a season, and a stand alone Project Octave.

Timothy James Hemling likes to write historical fiction/ adventure stories with fantasy elements. Sounds right up my aisle!

As usual, I’ll put an Amazon link at the top and bottom of this post. That way you can save the title to your wishlist even if you don’t order it right away. I will however point out that Lulu may have a better price right now, so I’ll encourage you with that link, right here, too.

Here’s a blurb for the recently re-released Downfallen:

Vincent Kaverno is a knight returning from the Third Crusade. He and his men only desire to return home, and Vincent to his promised love, the daughter of his lord. He and his men discover strange artifacts and powers that begin to shape their destiny and Vincent must weigh his inner sense of loyalty against the new path that is placed before him. As he learns more and more of his lineage, Vincent must decide what is most important to his sense of personal honor.


Next up, the blurb for Project Octave:

Cale Jordan, a young man who lives in Iowa, discovers that he has some unnatural abilities. He must learn to use them to protect himself and his family from a group of scientists who would use his abilities for their own purposes.


Sounds like good summer reading to  me! 🙂

Meanwhile today I hope to write up posts for the rest of the week! Yay! Good recommendations coming up. 🙂

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