Wendy Darling

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran author Colleen Oakes‘ first in a series, Wendy Darling. (She has completed this series and also has two other series. One even translated into German!!) But before I forget to have a single reminder about my own July sale, here it is. Today is the FINAL day to use the 40% off coupon code TSXMC2RC. Purchasers in the USA have a flat shipping rate of $2.99. Click on my store above or link to this post for more details.

Wendy Darling Review

Is the Peter Pan story purely delightful fun or have some of the darker elements always sort of gotten to you? Colleen Oakes’ spin is full of vivid writing and lush world-building. She skillfully brings to the front some of the more subliminal elements from the original tale and beautifully ends up with her own stories to share. 

The characters are a bit older and more grown up than you might expect, but it’s obviously intentional. More adult topics are handled and I thought handled very well.

This book very much is about Wendy, yes, as it follows her perspective, but also because it has not fallen for some of Disney’s obsessions. Tink, her powder, her powers, her lantern are all present in rather electric, emotionally-charged ways, but there is obviously a lot going on in Neverland to be explored in this series!

As part of a three-part series, I should have seen the ending of this first one coming, ha haa, but thus far everything has worked together quite well! I’m sure to read them all. I’m thankful and happy to share that the series has now been completed so I can quickly move on to the next two volumes.

Great book from a great author! 

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