Wendy Darling: Shadow

I just finished Lutheran author Colleen Oakes‘ trilogy, Wendy Darlingso today I offer you a review of volume 3: Shadow.

Wendy Darling: Shadow Review

I really liked the trilogy and I really liked this book. In the first book, you meet a different Peter Pan. Then in the second book, you meet a different Captain Hook. In the third book, you wonder who Wendy Darling will choose to become?!

There was some sexual content, but it wasn’t too graphic. Descriptions were truly excellent. I loved reading about the landscapes, just as I did in the first two volumes, and I cried at the ending, both in how things wrapped up for Wendy and Peter Pan AND I was just plain sorry the trilogy was over. It was that sort of book! I found it to be a very satisfying read. 

I’ll be sure to read more from Colleen Oakes!

My review of volume 1 is here and it looks like I forgot to review volume 2! I’ll be sure to remedy that quickly. 🙂

Happy reading & writing!

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