Wendy Darling: Volume 2: Seas

How did I review the first and third of a trilogy without reviewing the second? I stayed up too late reading it and it just didn’t make my to do list! Ha ha haa! So, here we go: an out-of-order review for Wendy Darling: Volume 2: Seas by talented Lutheran author Colleen Oakes.

Wendy Darling: Volume 2: Seas Reviews

I’m reviewing out of order, but I really liked this trilogy. The first volume had beauty twisted dark. The second volume reversed the land for sea. The third shifted worlds. It was a great read, each with impressive high spots. 

Just as Neverland was described beautifully, piracy and the boats were captivating. Not in an overly-glorified way, per se, although Captain Hook has dashing, softening moments, but like a vivid portrait can capture a scene and draw one in. 

I really enjoyed this book and quickly purchased the next one. 



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