Memoir: Enduring Shame

On Friday, I reviewed a rather lighthearted memoir, I Don’t Want to Have the Prayer. Today I’m able to tell you about a very different, more serious Lutheran memoir: Enduring ShameThe story begins in 1945 Germany, featuring an all-too-often forgotten program in Nazi Germany: the “Lebensborn pogram.” It was just released this month.

In Enduring Shamewe learn about how Hitler’s regime influenced unmarried women to have “racially pure” children to increase the German population. The author, Elke Bowman, was one such child, who was then placed in an orphanage. This book delves into her experiences as a child in an orphanage and then follows as she is surprised to learn that she could then immigrate to the United States! But what would happen? What family would she find?

History, faith, and family are sure to make this an eye-opening, gripping book!

Mrs. Elke Bowman was a Lutheran school teacher, teaching English and German, for thirty-five years and is now retired. I’ve heard she is a very inspiring woman and educator! I’m sure the book will only prove that to be true, letting even more of us benefit from her wisdom, experience, and insights.

Bless you, Mrs. Bowman! And may God keep all of us in this crazy world in His care! 


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