If you or a loved one might be interested in something totally new, here’s a place to start. 🙂 Lutheran author John W. Otte has a series called Failstate, which follows a teenage superhero trying to tame his powers and figure out his life.

(John W. Otte has written quite a bit of fiction, although Failstate is where I’ve started.)

Failstate Review

Failstate was full of surprises for me. I’m not usually into reading about teenage superheroes, but I thought I’d give this series a chance. I enjoyed it! The world was similar to ours, but with comic-book style differences (as is to be expected given the genre). The main character has darkness and doubt due to his unusual superpowers and appearance, but he is also a practicing teen Christian! Refreshing!

Sure enough, this book is listed in a Teen & Young Adult Christian Action & Adventure category on Amazon! 

There is sibling rivalry, awkwardness around girls, a strained relationship with his mother, and unexpected friendships. There’s growth, personal and professional, and the author didn’t shy away from either daring scenarios or exploring inner struggle. It was an entertaining read that cultivated compassion for the characters. There was definitely character development, on screen and off. 🙂

I read the three-volume set and thought the transitions were smooth. Admittedly, I wish I’d realized there were novellas/short stories between them. While not required for the plot line, one does get involved in the characters, major and minor, and I’ve since heard good things about the short stories, too.

A fun escape.


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