Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic Review

Ladies & gentlemen, back in July I lauded the timely CPH release, Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemicby John Pless & Jacob Corzine. Today I’m happy to give it a pandemic review. 🙂

Btw, folks, books are a great thing to give for Christmas. It sounds like most book sales have been down this year. Mine were. 🙁 So I’ll try to catch up on my reviews. 🙂 Maybe that can help some folks, at least a little.

Also, the CPH Cyber Monday sale is a Cyber Week Savings on Kindle! Here’s an Amazon link. Yay! Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic is included! Lots of good ones! Including my own Blessed: God’s Gift of Love!

Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic Review

This is a great book, drawing on a wealth of answers for many of the questions that have come up in a time of duress about health and government intervention. It was written fairly early in, but I still find it very timely and comforting during a later Covid wave.

Strengths: great comfort, perspective, and reassurance! It raises great points about fear, concerns, constraints, vocation, generosity, science, lament, and Christian death. And it does so in a very lay-friendly way with footnotes for those who’d like to explore concepts with additional reading.

The book literally applies what we know while supporting the times with additional resources and calm. In later chapters, it delves into psalms and explains how, sometimes, God is at work under opposites, which was helpful, well-written, and very interesting.

There’s even an abbreviated order for the commendation of the dying.

This is a book I’ll read again. It’s calming, affirming, and seeped in God’s Word and Lutheran history and understanding. Fantastic resource! And I’m so impressed the authors and publishers were able to put this together so quickly! I think it demonstrates a real urge to serve the church.


By the way, I basically love every Pless book in the world and Jacob Corzine has been involved in good stuff, too!

If you want multiple Lutheran resources for Covid-times, I also heartily recommend Hal Senkbeil’s book, Christ and CalamityIt’s slim enough for stockings, folks. I reviewed that here.

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