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Ladies & Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to another Lutheran author, D Marie. 🙂 She was a long-time Lutheran school teacher, who’s turned to writing an educational, formative trilogy for intermediate grade readers on up. (You know what I love? Books by Lutheran authors suitable for third through fifth graders, or older!)

I’ll excerpt from D Marie’s Amazon author page:

D designed these inspirational books as a learning tool to nurture Christian character and living. Book 1, Journey to the Glass Hill, is based on the Norwegian folktale, Princess on the Glass Hill. Book 2, in the Journey Books for Faith and Family series, is Journey to the Noble Horse. D is currently writing the conclusion of the trilogy, Journey in the Waiting.

Here are the two books thus far:



The third book of the trilogy,  Journey in the Waiting, will become available sometime in 2021. Yay! 

The other thing I’d like to point out is this: Amazon has a listing for Children’s Christian Learning Concepts Fiction. The category title doesn’t exactly exactly soar off the tongue, but it’s still something I’m very glad to know about. Learning & fiction? Yes, please. Christian concepts? Yes, please. Now, does that mean I automatically think all things Christian are Lutheran-child ready? No. Still. <Shrug>

Happy reading & writing, folks! And, D Marie, welcome to my list of Living Lutheran Authors! I’ll add you to my list of Lutheran authors on LutheranHomeschool.com‘s page Lutheran Book Lists (which includes the Lutheran children’s authors I’ve learned about), too.

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