Gathering Pearls

I have a bit of a sad post today. There’s a book I want you to get, but there are very few available and I’m sorry to report that the Lutheran author has gone to the Lord early. Still, I present to you Gathering Pearls by Lutheran author William Schuh.

In the words of one reviewer, Gathering Pearls is “a contemporary novel that represents the complexities of today’s hospital environment” (James C. Leonard, M.D., president and CEO, The Carle Foundation).

Here’s the plot from the Amazon blurb:

Sometimes, the most important things in life are hidden in plain sight. For doctor’s Michael Hamilton and Greg Jameson, the pearl in their personal oysters is Greg’s son, Will. Diagnosed with leukemia, Will becomes Michael’s patient. Michael and Greg, bitter enemies since medical school, are forced to confront each other–as well as their own personal demons–in the fight for Will’s life.

The reviews are all good. It sounds like this is a touching and insightful read. There is some language in it, so don’t hand it to a young ‘un, but do consider getting it for yourself. Katie Schuermann reviewed it on GoodReads and she said, “I rejoiced to find so much truth, goodness, and beauty in this tale.”

May God continue to keep Dr. Schuh’s family in the comfort of the resurrection.

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