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Blessed Epiphany! Happy Day! 🙂 AND I get to tell you about a tremendous resource I’ve just found out about! It’s a keyboard book with easier Bach! By that I mean, Sight-Reading & Harmony: Progressive Pieces for Keyboard, Grades 1-10, Selected from Four-Part Chorales by JS Bach is rocking my world!

First, it’s spiral-bound with heavy-duty laminated covers.

Second, it just may teach you more than you realize there is to learn. It’s got theory for your mind, chord progressions for your fingers, and is helpful with piano and organ and harpsichord!

Third, it’s progressive pieces of Bach! You can learn a little bit and, step by step, work your way up. Build up confidence even as you build your repertoire! (I can’t be the only excited at the thought of easier Bach, and best of all playable Bach at my level right now!)

Fourth, there are excerpts from 150 four-part chorales & 10 complete chorales, “systematically arranged and practically organized for the optimal learning of music reading, harmony & ear training with an essay, exercises, practice rules & exams.”

The music major in me, who otherwise can hide pretty thoroughly, is thrilling! This looks like the kind of thing that will a) go on my Amazon wish list PRONTO! Oh, why didn’t I see this before Christmas?! and b) everything “Frequently Bought Together” or listed under “Customers who viewed this item also viewed” may also all go on my wish list! 

Wow. Just wow. I am so very thankful to Rev. Jesse Krusemark, who brought this to my attention! 


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