The Well Read Poem

I try to stick pretty closely to Lutheran writers and topics on this blog, but I’ve found something I’m excited about by non-Lutherans and I’m sharing it anyway. 🙂 As you know, I fear poetry has slipped away to an unnatural, unhealthy degree. Well, maybe the new podcast, The Well Read Poem, will help to bring it back.

The premise is that poetry is meant to be read aloud and we will get more out of poetry when we’re comfortable reading it out loud. Sounds more than reasonable to me! 

The Well Read Poem is A Literary Life Podcast

I like how the title uses the expression well-read in two ways. I’d really like to be well read, though I fear I fall short. But how well read is one if one can’t read comfortably and share the experience out loud? Adding that oral emphasis takes away from an unnecessary, elitist emphasis on the mind to replace writing and literature back into community, back into the real air. The spoken word is so significant and none of us dare forget that!

Anyway, happy reading, writing, and listening. I’ve been working away, trying to restructure some things on Feel free to head over that way if you’re so inclined. I’d love some feedback. Even more I’d love more resources to share so share away!

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