The Unspoken

Twice I’ve read a book with high expectations only to be disappointed. Ok, that’s happened many more times than twice, but twice I’ve read books highly recommended for how they portray God only to be disappointed. But I think I’ve figured it out. Liberals overly glorify two things: sex and the unspoken.

As I read from now on I hope to pay better attention to the unspoken. I mean, sure, there’s stuff that’s unspoken, but I suspect “the unspoken” is actually used in a thematic way as a mystical element of diverse theologies. 

Again, there are things that can’t particularly be spoken. I’m not addressing human or literary limitations here—I hope you can see that. But building up tension and then tying release & resolve with . . . the unspoken? I wouldn’t have thought people would do that, but now I’m noticing it as a pattern. As intentional.

Now, you’ll pardon me if, with some attitude, my Lutheran response is, “God’s the best author and He spoke rather than implied.” The drama queen within me wonders if this isn’t yet another thematic attack on the Word.

I don’t know. But now I’ll have my eyes open for it.

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