Falsehood and Fallacy

Lutheran author and scholar Bethany Kilcrease has just released a very important book: Falsehood and Fallacy: how to Think, Read, and Write in the Twenty-First Century

It’s blurb from the University of Toronto Press site:

Falsehood and Fallacy shows students how to evaluate what they read in a digital age now that old institutional gatekeepers, such as the media or institutions of higher education, no longer hold a monopoly on disseminating knowledge. Short chapters cover the problems that exist as a result of the current flow of unmediated information, Fake News, and bad arguments, and demonstrate how to critically evaluate sources – particularly those that appear online.

Kilcrease provides a range of tools to help students evaluate the legitimacy of what they read. She discusses how to be on the lookout for bad arguments and logical fallacies and explains how students can produce clear and convincing academic writing. Exercises are included throughout the book to test student knowledge. Written in a positive style and full of useful tools and exercises, Falsehood and Fallacy embraces the idea that everyone is a writer and has aptitude for further growth.

Sounds stellar! Who wouldn’t like to better navigate away from all the falsehood and fallacies prevalent in society?

I have only ever heard fantastic things about Bethany and this is now very much on my birthday wish list. 🙂 She is a professor of history at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and she is married to another Lutheran scholar, Jack Kilcrease.  


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