Luther’s Small Catechism for Kids

Yesterday CPH released Luther’s Small Catechism for KidsInteresting!

Does this mean CPH thinks the Small Catechism is just for adults? Of course not! Look through the sample. Basically, the book follows the structure and format of the standard Small Catechism with rewritten, age-appropriate explanation sections.

CPH has this slotted for 7 to 11 year olds, or second through fifth grades. I can see the appeal of an introductory version for younger kids. I mean, we know about the Follow and Do set, right? We want Luther’s Small Catechism for kids! 😀

I’ve also heard of another book, My Small Catechism for Small Handsthat is taking pre-orders for a December 2021 delivery. Interesting! (You can find more info about that here.)

I’d be very interested to get my hands on a copy of either of these new resources! Keep up the great work!


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